Our principles


  • consider any information regarding our client or candidate as strictly confidential
  • take only obligations that we can fulfill properly and meet all deadlines
  • never consider client’s employees as potential candidates for other projects during term of agreement
  • personally interview each candidate, no exclusions, for all position levels
  • provide detailed report on each candidate – additional information of the candidate, not mentioned in CV
  • We collect references on every final candidate and provide them to our client

Code of ethics

In our work we stick to professional code of ethics of recruitment consultants.

As a member of Association of recruitment consultants, we volunteered to be committed to the following professional and ethical principles:

  1. Treat clients, candidates and colleagues with respect.
  2. Do not perform actions which might do harm to professional reputation of our colleagues from the Association.
  3. Try to solve conflicts between members of the Association within Association.
  4. Do not headhunt employees of members of Association of recruitment consultants.
  5. Constantly work on improving the knowledge and professional skills by sharing experience with our colleagues.
  6. Do not hunt candidates found by any member of the Association for their clients, or employees of the clients.
  7. Do not have relationship with clients or candidates whose business doesn’t meet ethical norms of democratic society.
  8. Insure that information learned from both candidates and clients is treated in a confidential manner. Do not let the information which can do harm to client or candidate be revealed.
  9. Maintain anonymity of clients and candidates till they give their permission to make information public.
  10. Never discriminate or let somebody discriminate candidates by sex, race, nationality, religion, age and political beliefs. Be ruled only by professional and personality requirements of the client.   .
  11. Stick to principles of independent thinking and objectivity in assessment of the candidates.
  12. Do not use any special tools for assessment without gaining candidate’s consent to do so.
  13. Do not perform actions which can do harm to the candidate’s career and life.